29 April 2009

A month!

Wow I can't believe it's over a month since my last post! I will be back making things and blogging very soon! Hope you are all well!

25 March 2009

Hi Again!

Well my aim to have some pics up by the end of the weekend is a failure! I'm terrible! so easily distracted and forgetful! It's now Wednesday! At least i did do my mothers day cards on time! 
I also have a Birthday card which I need for tomorrow! so I doubt any photos will go up tonight! I'm sorry! 
I will get them up soon I just need a day playing on My Laptop and Camera! 

See you all soon 

20 March 2009


Hi Guys, 

Sorry my blog has been a bit abandoned, I am giving Card Making a bit of a break! 
I have really got into Polymer Clay and have been experimenting lots as I will be able to use it for my cards (when I do get back into it!) (which I will!). I will be putting some pics hopefully towards the end of the weekend with all the new little bits I've been learning! 

17 February 2009


Well as you've noticed there hasn't been a lot of action on my blog! I've been super lazy these last couple of weeks! I'm sorry! but I promise there will be new creations coming up shortly!

5 February 2009

Sketch Saturday and Tanda Teaser

Well I think I might be a bit late for Sketch Saturays Challenge, but I had fun making it!
I'm also going to use this page for The Tandar Teaser Challenge it's all about Spots! Seeing Spots to be precise!
I chose to do a Scrapbook Page! just to try to make something different, as I do not think I Scrapbook enough!

Here's my go! So much fun! I hope you like it, the photos don't really do the glittery flowers any justice!

27 January 2009

Debbi's Birthday! and I've been tagged!

Hi Guys! How's this week going so far?
So far I'm having a good one! Quite fun really!

I've been tagged by Lainy from www.lainyslittleblog.blogspot.com In a type of Photo game, it's really fun!
You have to go to your photo Album and pick the 6th photo in the 6th Folder and see what you com up with!
Here's Mine:

It's a picture of my tortoise taken in the summer! He/She (not sure yet!) is called Lenny and I love it so much! It's in hibernation at the moment! Isn't it lucky?! I would love to be able to hibernate!!! avoid those cold winter months!

I'm going to tag Tasha! have fun! http://milliesmagicalmoments.blogspot.com

Through Lainy's blog I came across Debbi's, it's her birthday and she's giving away some fab candy. Go and check it out! http://wiccababe.blogspot.com

25 January 2009

Sugar Bowl Extra Monthly Challenge

See I told you I was trying to make up for the lack of cards 3 in one day!

As you have probably noticed I did a little bit of shopping for Sugar Nellie Stamps. I am absolutely Mad about them! They are just so awesome to use and some great fun designs!

Here is a card for the 'Sugar Bowl Extra Monthly Challenge' the theme was 'Beads' it was really good fun making my own beads and definitely something you will see more of! I love doing challenges, I get to try so many things that I wouldn't otherwise try. I hope you like my card I used Sugar Nellie's 'Sweet n Sassy' Stamp coloured with Prismacolor Pencils. She's so cute!